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Hundreds of ways zoozz can help you

  • Can you afford the shelves in supermarket selling your product being empty?
  • Is your brand being represented properly throughout the shops?
  • Can you always be there to do it all yourself?
  • What if there are hundreds of tasks around the country, how long would it take you to do yourself?

zoozz facilitates you to find the right person in the right location to inquire or perform a task on your behalf.

Is monitoring your stock in multiple outlets consuming your business time and requires additional human resources?

Can you afford the shelves in supermarket, milk bar or petrol station, selling your product being empty? You could be missing out on potential sales. Create a task and zoozz user will visit the venue and report back the stock availability of your product. zoozz allows you to monitor your stock availability, anywhere in the country instantly, so you can re-stock immediately and maintain your profit margins.

Is your brand getting the exposure and marketing that you require?

Does your brand performs consistently in most venues and is failing to repeat this success in some specific venues? As a brand owner you can send a zoozz user anonymously as a mystery shopper. They will investigate on your behalf, if your product is placed in an accessible floor location, your brand name is easily noticeable and to examine the effort and knowledge of the sales person in regards to your product.

Ever driven up to a luxury hotel expecting to see palm trees and gardens at the entrance only to be greeted with construction cranes and mounds of dirt? Or walked into a meeting room to find that the drop-down screen from the ceiling is on the wrong side of the room between the doors where most attendees will enter? That simply won't work!

A personal site inspection visit is very essential before making a final decision about the city, venue or facility for your upcoming personal or business event. Without an inspection it is impossible to evaluate if the venue meets your group's unique requirements. Unhappy surprises wait upon arrival, most of the time, when you confirm the venue based purely on the website catalogue or brochures.

Everyone would prefer a site visit of the venue closer to the event date, just to ensure peace of mind before confirming. But can you imagine the cost of travel, overnight stay closer to potential venues and time involved in this process?

A zoozz user can help you with a personalised site inspection on your behalf, for a fraction of the cost, addressing your unique needs. Comprehensive and accurate information gathered on your behalf will be available to you instantly from the zoozz user.